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Woman fashion dress is not just about wearing fashion clothes it’s more than fantastic designer clothing and accessories. To some people fashion is an art form and for some fashion is religion. We are happy to bring you the Fashion statements that include clothes, accessories, shoes, hair, makeup, even your cell phone.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Women sexy costumes

Mrs. Ocáriz well designed, but diversifies too. His point is impeccable, yes, if you're willing to pay 140 euros for a black long sleeve shirt puffed (in The Deli Room, for example). I certainly do not. In my humble opinion the only thing saving her from his show, which repeated hammering the idea of the female-rocker-box, is this modelazo, I think it solved the equation and I would buy it if it had a budget as Princess of Asturias

After dinner it was his turn to Lemoniez (another "bold"). If you are a fan of Schlesser, then you'll love. I personally only thing I liked was this, which looks like the season just ended (gray, balloon skirt, gathers, topos) ... And you can shoot any self-respecting megacadena. We must evolve.

As the parade of Montesinos, I refuse to reproduce any image. That's more than a fashion show is a freak-show, DEREK included. And Anita Obregon in the front row feels that Anna Wintour, I think archilamentable. And everything is big about using Mr. Francis really itchy a lot.

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