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Friday, December 11, 2009

Athletic ladies wear

And speaking of the flesh ... or lack of meat. Our tabloid-of-heart (a term somewhat new kind of tacky that I invented to call it somehow) alerts us to the current plague of Hollywood, which is not drugs or alcohol, but anorexia. Resolve the difficult question of when a person is too thin and when it has definitely fallen into the clutches of a mental illness (with physical, yet mental) from which most do not get out. I banalizaría the subject, but I do agree in stressing the tendency to pauperization of the silhouette of the famous general are valued lack of, rather than the rotund presence. Where missing myths, imposing suffered nymphs. It sufficed a glorious edition of Cannes to see what is conspicuous by its absence: the spectacular carnal. Against the silhouette of dreams a few years ago opposes mental stunting of the new aristocracy of Hollywood and fashion, we return to "Never thin enough" of the maligned Wallis Simpson. It makes me miss even the eighties, with the club jerseys included. If Jane Fonda then seemed thin, where are we now? The latest to fall in the heady gossip tabloid has been Catherine Zeta-Jones. Women's athletic figure ever, but subject to the vagaries logic of motherhood, has succumbed to the trend of the pack and looks in his final appearances and a face unusually sharp silhouette ...

And speaking of ... are still in high edged knives ready to fall on the public image of the Princess of Asturias. And it's not to say it because the look down, but because I keep reading Hello! elegies to the incessant wrangles pseudo-calendar of events of all kinds and its "undeniable" style. Much has been raining since this royal wedding without banners: rumors, pregnancies, family tragedies, stolen photos, misunderstandings, isolation and boredom public. My impression is policy that we have a Republican Princess: I had never imagined so many gestures (by default) so discordant with the figure of the Queen to play touch. But then, I'm no political analyst and this is not the subject of the blog. What I can confirm from my cyber pulpit and the sharp mind that God has something so obvious, so obvious that it must be why neither lie, because I can not explain the almost complete silence of the hundreds of official national gossips about it: the Princess of Asturias is visibly deteriorated. In four years he has gun-loving presenter Adolfo Dominguez style to pounce a full decade to lose little body fat he had, and eliminate any hint of freshness and spontaneity typical of the thirties. Its expensive clothing Felipe Varela, consisting of jackets-without closure, or waist coat and suit jacket rancid four buttons do nothing to give the image of a dynamic and glamorous, so typical of the heirs of a dynasty. Only additions are saved care: bespoke shoes in the best national workshops and small baguette purses whose good taste and sophistication now seem to me more than coincidental that the logical conclusion of a global style. The unfortunate interpretation of the latest trend hair (a bob or Melenita formless indefinite stripe and a fringe unfinished) contribute to the sense of loss. Mirrors must be missing at La Casita del Principe.

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Body shape costumes

Determines how many pairs of sandals are required to spend a summer. And how many shirts. And if you really need (or you will go to make someday) that flowered dress up your feet. If you're going to be next summer, it's not for you.

Whether in its intense, or the new king cake, the color denoting style, strength, personality and favors, unless you choose badly. Do not mix more than three colors in a style and coordinating your closet, though less imaginative saves you money. Avoid patterns that say little childish or as flowers, dots ... Opt for final prints, abstract or figurative but forcefully and complemental with accessories in a single tone. It is easier to look flawless and secure the same to be concise but forceful.

The black and white are opposite a safe bet. Together they are extremely smart, and separately combine with everything. Today, white is also valid in autumn and winter. That yes, if you really like the black matte avoids a look: adds shine with plugins in metallic tones and beautiful jewelry.

This winter we got some shelter and instead this spring was "flooded" in raincoats. Buy fabric and garments superimposable, and some basic multifunction for mixing with essential items of the season.

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Fashion Accessories

Luxury Limit:

You still deserve a good watch (to the extent of your possibilities, of course), fantastic sunglasses or a small jewel on your birthday, but forget about those dancers a few hundred euros to know that they are the "magician" Marc Jacobs. It is important to give clues on how you value your status, particularly in certain occupational settings, but best not to waste (you never know). Invest in what you see and be seen, but with the head (and that does not include the latest tacky charm-keychain-Prada).

Online Discounts:
Learn all the catalogs that run online, factory outlets and private sales (provided they have good return policies), but limit yourself to cushy garments if needed. The "roll" of limited sales makes you buy more of what you want guiding the brand more than the object itself. Take advantage of discounts especially for clothing and more formal "office wear".

Neighbor frequent stores:
Not only will you do a favor for the economies of many families who depend on small businesses, but find little treasures, and different things will surprise you with unexpected discounts. Remember that a period of crisis is good time to reevaluate your style: If you depend too much of the latest trend Inditex, go bad. Original Reacquaint style with your clothes and buy more neutral, but flattering. I think you know what I'm talking.

Market costumes:
Not only are freely accessible (cheap entertainment), and were entretenidísimos beach and if you tan up and you can finish buying the best watermelon in your life. Joking aside, summer ins and require less quality label and what better place to find that basket of beach sandals wedge style hat and Paulina Rubio. Besides scraps, plants, stock hairdressing, jewelry very apparent.

Malls dress:
Even if they are fresh! It is a spiked trap. They are made so that piques. Flee as scabies of the big chains for a while (whether it's complicated) or at least limit your visits to the cuts and a couple of occasions. Enter for a ride like teaching a steak the lion, you will begin to salivate, and you fall, thanks to God "plastic money".

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Movie style ladies dresses

One last thought. We live in a world that changes with each frame, each edition of the news (but not the TVE, the CNN). More and more voices are raised, plaintive, ell against relentless evolution of fashion and ephemera collections. Cruise goes, Pre-Fall is coming. Limited Editions. Red Carpets. Haute Couture. And the greedy Prêt-à-porter.
But I love it. We are beginning to get the taste, and little by little, the quiet. The man is in constant evolution (Darwin dixit), like the rest of the planet, and as the survival and socialization issue is resolved we express our inner-bulle bulle as best we can. Have long capitalized Arts dislodged the head of the train ahead. Today, fashion is the engine of social change, or its most concrete (as prefiráis before the chicken or the egg). Ask the pace down fashion, is like asking a satellite orbit and fall leaves pulverized. Gone are the impasse, the ateliers, the impeccably well-dressed ladies and other polyester-clad. The fashion was democratized, and for good .

Zooey actress also has a sister, Emily Deschanel, who currently stands out as something a reputable forensic taradita in the series "Bones" (Thursday night LaSexta). Both have a strong sense of style, very retro. Dresses and halter tops and cut empire waist or are a good option if you have a beautiful mane that you "view" the shoulders.

A coat-coat can be charming in a lightweight fabric with a striped pattern discreet. Gone was the unwritten rule that dictated that the coat was covered under her skirt ... Forget it. An air shoes in a soft gray vintage complete the look.

And in full cusp thriller, called my attention to the gigantic "Tote" by Marni in a greenish yellow tone as environmental. Perfect with navy, perfect to get all the basics of survival. With his unique style, Zooey gives the perfect counterpoint to a dry but Mark Wahlberg listísimo less angry and more scared shitless than ever .

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New look costumes

The real (because although some think that caring for a child at home is no vacation, I'm more tired than ever). A month without relax my hair, no internet (probably give me a couple of anxiety attacks before going over the "monkey"), not paint my toenails (I detest as are the pedicures after passing through the beach) without gym, no shopping, no "dress code". I have time to read, scribble, talk and scratched his head (my "PassTime" favorite, and what I relaxed, and somewhat antisocial). I'm going to Benicassim FIB and not enjoying the "family life" and what remains of the Mediterranean. I take my camera, and who knows, just dust off the old smell, and even from some obscure posteo wired "internet cafe"

But I needed one last point before leaving with the child, grandparents, parakeets and eleven packages to the beach. It has told that snake-literate divinely is Carlos Garcia-Calvo in his sometimes soporific, sometimes imapagable blog. Princess Letizia surprised everyone in the final photo-call "Real" with an outfit that although another season (Spring 2007), proved most "fashionable"

The dress is for Armand Basi Markus Lupfer. Cutting bag, not exactly one of my favorites, but very flattering for Letizia too thin. The best thing? Vogue Paris sandals very Those patent leather and wood, including platform. A success story. Is the worst? The hairs "noble" and a "gili-fastener" naïf style non-biodegradable plastic that almost burns my retina. Something pale (how cool!) And amusingly. That yes, someone should tell the prince that are reserved for white cowboy gun bodies, and not good-looking gentlemen.

If you liked the dress, you have a fantastic copy in MangoOutlet at a bargain price (pictured right). Perfect for summer nights and the office in the fall. And if you are that you can not leave without Accesorize, try a megacolgante or a pair of bracelets, but let the hand-made pins for the royals: they are spoiled them all. Happy August, you'll miss!
P.D. Surely I'll miss the "walk of gazelle" Elisabetta Gregoraci, better known as the new wife of Briatore Fofo (sorry - Flavio), and the greatest exponent of the style-de-luxe choni jet set.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grunge fashion loved by hollywood actress

Kirsten Dunst says-
This girl is capable of the best and the worst. Kirsten Dunst (aka "Kiki Dunst) has it all: little fellow, talent, fame and ... to Josh Hartnett. And with everything and it shows in this manner at a festival "pseudo-indie" .

Modelazo is clear that a declaration of intentions: dress loafers or moccasins (shoes MUST next season, unless you live on platforms), ultra-mini dress, vintage purse and a medium comb air and paint. With such an image Kiki million miles away from all those desperate starlets dressed in borrowed.

And reconocedlo but spoiled another photograph of a massive Susan Sarandon (as tiresome with its progressive roll-but-I-to-all-the-holidays), Kiki's white dress is perfect and her boyfriend, Josh, too.

And if you are as exquisite as Kiki, and you have a few hundred euros to spend on cashmere, anything better than this trifle air retro minidress but very wearable, designed for her to sign Lutz & Pamos worship.

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Flapper Dresses

Flapper dress -

Little by little we are assimilating the new proposals for next spring. There are still two weeks with the very best to come, but the path is already marked: elegant silhouette is abandoned imposed by Pilati at YSL and Ghesquière at Balenciaga and becomes the law of mix & match, a flirtatious grunge, luxurious, feminine but with a twisted point "bag lady". Jacobs, Luella and Johnson have strived to make feel like a grandma-chic who appreciates rejuvenated after such purity and elegance chiseled intransigence. Return to freedom, to the wild mixtures in editorials (the stylists were tired of not contaminate signed sculptural silhouettes from the catwalk) and the importance of the supplements (you can see that we lean). It can take two things: that the crisis passes and the body will demand on striking prints, bright colors and ruffle much as we have seen, or that we fit into a global recession and need more than ever the fashion escapism and thank eccentricity that we propose. In either case, those who embrace change are going to be right.

Autumn has arrived and with it a halftime upset, difficult, melancholic. To overcome the pressure changes and the harsh events of this week, how well is take a look at two of the best showcases of Madrid, in the increasingly Soho Madrid .

Showcase Yube, always so impeccable. Overlays beautiful, comfortable and colorful that like so much Bea Nicolas, in mini and knee length - to show off those already become a classic .

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